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Les Mystères de Sidroc'h

Antoine, a 15 years old boy is really angry; He has to go to his great-uncle and great-aunt's house for the summer whose he even knows; 2 months isolated in the Breton forest ! But he resigned himself; his mother has a serious disease from an unknown origin and his father must be able to devote all the time required

On the spot, Antoine is suspicious: there is something wrong with this house, rather strange things are happening. The hosts are mysterious too. One night,  He overheard a conversation ; Dani and Marcel had no choice but to tell him their secret...  Marcel is a passageway keeper to Sidroc'h, a parallel world where many peoples are living together : Selkies, Otarelles, Korrigans, Elves, Trolls, Mermaids, Druids... Once he overcomed this revelation, Antoine also learned that he could find herein the antidote to cure his mother !

Without waiting, the boy decided to go to Sidroc'h. He will be accompanied by Marcel, who will help him and teach him all about Sidroc'h, a wonderful but also a dangerous world...7

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  • Exhibition - Univers à se faire peur
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